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Aperitif / Cocktail hour

See how the Waistcoats can set the right mood on your big day

An Introduction

Having live music during the aperitifs can be a great way to set a positive tune for the day, right from the start. While your guests arrive on location, start to take in the new setting, get to know each other, mingle and enjoy the apetizers, they can enjoy the vibrant live performance of The Waistcoats. We usually play a lively, low-key set, perfect to elevate spirits before you and your guests proceed with the rest of your fantastic day!

A typical aperitif

  • You pick favorite songs or leave the selection to us
  • We set up early
  • We start playing when your guests arrive
  • We put on background music after we’re done

Play Time

90 Minutes

Step 1

Get in touch and we’ll discuss our prices and options depending on your needs. We will send you our interactive digital playlist where you can pick your favorite songs, or you can leave it completely up to us and our professional judgement – we will make sure to find the right mood for your guests, you won’t have a thing to worry about!

Step 2

We will arrive early to set up our gear in the designated location(s). In case you also booked us for your ceremony, should it be held in a separate location from the aperitifs then we will arrive and set up both early enough, so that there will be no delay between both services. There will always be at least one staff member available on each location. The same is true if you also booked us for the main reception party.

Step 3

There is no step 3! Just enjoy your big day, we will start our services as agreed upon beforehand and make sure that you and your guests will have a great time! Once we finished our set we usually put on some background music while we either move on to the next stage or remove our gear after your guests have moved on to the next part of your wedding.

Enjoy your big day!

International musicians in Italy!

We travel everywhere in Italy

Including islands and less accessible areas in Venice etc.

We love to entertain

In native English, Italian, German and even Spanish and French!



English: (+39) 366 290-6691 | German, Italian: (+39) 328 217-6047


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