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A fun, fresh and energetic band

We love to entertain you and your guests!
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We love to entertain you!

The Waistcoats is a band with real character. Authentic and fun, both for informal and formal settings.


We love to entertain. And thanks to a vast repertory of 250+ songs we can easily adapt to the mood of the audience to ensure everyone will be up and dancing all night…

Acoustic options

For smaller weddings or pre-/post wedding events we offer great acoustic solutions. Thanks to a smart mix of acoustic instruments, harmony pedals and digital stomp box even with a one-man show or duo/trio we can create a rich sound experience that gets people up and dancing!

But wait, there’s more! Take a look at our live videos and get to know us with our “behind-the-scenes” videos:

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    Keep the flow.

    Getting people on the dancefloor is what we do for a living. We can tell when it’s the right moment for a modern hit or a Rock’n Roll classic. It’s what we call The flow.

    1, 2, 3 – Interaction!

    Our ultimate goal is to get everyone onto the dancefloor, to spread positive vibes and to get a smile on the face of your guests. It takes the right amount of interaction, motivation and jokes to get everyone at ease at the right moment. Some also call it entertainment!

    Multi-genre is hip.

    If you just want Rock’n Roll that’s fine. But we’re no strangers to moving from Waltz to Pop to Rock to Folk to Raggae to Ballads to Ska within one performance. After all the advantage of a multi-genre band is that there is a little bit for everyone!

    For every occasion

    In this video you see the Waistcoats Duo (Sal and Paul) performing acoustically during a post-wedding gig/Pizza party. There is something for every kind of event!


    Trio Show

    Our acoustic trio show is perfect for small weddings that do not want any compromises in upbeat groove, entertainment and showmanship. This setup is a great solution if you plan a smaller wedding, your venue has noise limits or if you’re on a budget but still don’t want to miss out on live music!


    Surprisingly international

    Singing a surprise duet with the bride? No problem. Singing in English, Italian or – as in the video above – German? No problem! Travelling to another country? No problem either. We love to entertain all over the world!


    Pleased to meet you!

    See what The Waistcoats are up to when (almost) nobody is looking.

    Behind the scenes: Venice

    Watch the Waistcoats enjoy Venice. Of course nobody can stop them doing a little impromptu jam on a Venetian boat.

    Behind the scenes: Germany

    Watch the Waistcoats travel to Germany to perform at a wedding in a historical building constructed by King William II.

    Behind the scenes: 4600 kilometers in 10 days!

    In this video we had just completed a logistical challenge: 4600 kilometers in 10 days. Watch how it went.

    Behind the scenes: Dublin

    Two of the Waistcoats went off to Dublin to perform with an opera singer and a well known Irish musician for a fundraiser.

    Behind the scenes: France

    Voilà! The Waistcoats fly to France to perform in a beautiful venue and to add that extra international flair. 

    Behind the Scenes: Apulia

    Apulia is a wonderful place in the South of Italy. A long van ride turns into fun with a little bit of music.

    Behind the scenes: Spain

    Follow The Waistcoats to Spain, where they played for a wedding in the Murcia region during the semana santa!

    Can’t get enough? You can find more audio and video material on our official Youtube Channel!