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Meet the band!

Meet the most international band in Italy! Watch the slider below to get to know each band member and learn even more in the bio section at the bottom of this page.


Lead Singer, Guitar, Harmonica, Flute, Akkordeon, Melodica – Loves cooking, jogging, hiking, loves the works of Luke Kelly, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen.


Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals – Loves songwriting, photography, The Beatles.


Keyboards, Piano, Vocals – Loves hiking, dancing and is a huge fan of The Doors.

Our Team of drummers

Drums, Percussions, Vocals – Our team of drummers and backup drummers consists of Nikolai Banke, Salvo Bruno and Alfonso Anagnini; all are super talented drummers that fit right into our team.

Sal Benintende

Sal Benintende

Lead Singer, Guitar

Sal is a musician, a voice over artist and an entrepreneur. He was born in 1982 in Germany.

At a very young age he appeared on TV with the ZDF Fernsehgarten as part of the St. Jakobus choir. After eight years of playing the organ, he discovered the guitar as his instrument, which would be a useful skill not only in the bands that followed, but also at the Open Mic Rome, which he took over in 2007. He has turned this unique event into a succesful franchise in Rome, and organizes meetings for international and local artists.

Sal has published an album and a single with the Band Johnny on the Rise. With this band he appeared on various small and big radio stations, such as Radio Rock, Radio Popolare Roma, Radio Sapienza. He was also a guest on Radio Dimensione Suono Roma and has been acclaimed by online magazines such as rockit.it.

He has been organizing events in Rome’s first Irish pub since 2007 and his voice can be heard in various documentaries and interviews on Alice TV in Germany. He also co-founded Vandi Design, a small multimedia production company, with his Dutch business partner.

Paul Staunton

Paul Staunton

Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Paul Staunton was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Paul has been playing music since his early 20s. His Father, Joe Staunton is a very well known blues and rock guitarist in Ireland. He has played with Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and many other acts throughout the years. Paul’s Father noticed he was picking up the chords very quickly and decided to throw him in the deep end as rhythm guitarist in his blues outfit. This gave Paul so much exposure to playing live.

Paul’s first band ‘Age’ was where he started writing songs. The band had limited success in Ireland and when they parted ways Paul continued with his songwriting.

From 2006-2009 Paul lived in Rome, Italy. Gigging with various bands, playing festivals and weddings across Italy. Paul also ran a very popular open mic session every Thursday, which is now run by Salvatore, in the most famous and oldest Irish bar in Rome called ‘The Fiddler’s Elbow’.

“The Open Mic night was a great place for ex-pats living in Rome, tourists and Italian locals to sing and play within a no-pressure environment. It was a wonderful experience for me. When in Rome, I had a lot of encouragement from friends and strangers alike. The audience seemed to respond well to my songs”.

After Rome Paul decided to move back to Dublin. He recorded his debut album ‘Between You and Me’ with the legendary sound engineer Paul Thomas who has worked with U2, UB40 and Clannad.

In 2010 Paul moved to New York. He played on various musical projects in the big apple. His band Paul Staunton and the Charmers were a regular fixture in all the gigging venues around Manhattan and Brooklyn. They recorded their self-titled debut album in Dublin in 2013 while on tour in Europe.

After five years in New York, Paul returned to his beloved Rome and reconnected with Salvatore to form The Waistcoats.

Francesco Amatucci

Francesco Amatucci

Keyboards, Piano, Vocals

Francesco Amatucci has studied music at the conservatory in Avellino, Italy. His classical music background is a great addition to the band, and is also perfect for a great entrance during the ceremony.

Alfonso "Sanremo" Anagnini

Alfonso "Sanremo" Anagnini

Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Alfonso is a musician, a sound engineer and a Pro Tools wizard. He was born in Rome in 1970.

Since 2001 he has published over 20 albums with various artists, including Eugenio Finardi, Vittorio Cosma, Alex Baroni, Ken Houghtoun, Marco Conidi, Diana Tejera, Son, Marco Bellotti, Paulina Wallenberg Ollsson.

He has produced many soundtracks for TV (“Chiaroscuro”, Rai 1), cinema (“Sangue Vivo” di Edoardo Winspeare) and jingles for commercials (Renault Twingo, Frollis, Nestlè LC1, Ringo Gelato, Imydazyl), in collaboration with Milan-based production company “Music Production”.

In 2008 he produced the album of Valerio Sanzotta, partecipating together at the prestigious Festival di Sanremo, where he appeared live on TV, as well as on various other shows e.g. Domenica In, Markette etc.