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One-Man Show

Entertain your guests with a fun, acoustic, upbeat one-man performance

An Introduction

Our one-man show is a great complementary service to our wedding reception with full band: for the day before and after – or even on your wedding day (full day services are available as well!). It offers a great alternative if you don’t want to book a full band or simply want something more personal and acoustic. Our one-man show (like the duo show) is very personal and will adapt to your needs: upbeat, fun and interactive if you like your guests to dance along or fresh, smooth and pleasant if you and your guests simply like to relax, enjoy your meals/drinks and simply like some background live music, with a wide range of songs (more than 250!) and genres for young and old alike, from Irish folk to Rock’n Roll to Pop, to Italian classics to 60’s classics to dancefloor fillers – the list goes on and on… Sal’s one man show is enriched by smart gadgets, such as his stomp pedal, so that the sound experience is rich and it feels more like there are two or even more people playing.

A typical one-man show

  • You pick favorite songs or leave the selection to Sal
  • Sal sets up early
  • Sal start playing at the agreed time
  • You can decide on the night if you like to extend the performance for an additional hour (or more!)

Play Time

120 Minutes (with the option to extend for an additional hour or more)

Step 1

Get in touch and we’ll discuss our prices and options depending on your needs. We will send you our interactive digital playlist where you can pick your favorite songs, or you can leave it completely up to us and our professional judgement (recommended for post- and pre-wedding concerts) – we will make sure to find the right mood for your guests, you won’t have a thing to worry about!

Step 2

Sal will arrive early to set up his gear in the designated location(s). In case you also booked him for any other services (full day package on your wedding day etc.) he will arrive and set up early enough, so that there will be no delay between any services. If you also hired the P.A. system/light system for a DJ/recorded music after his live performance, Sal will stay on site to help and assist in case of need.

Step 3

There is no step 3! Just enjoy your big day, Sal will start the services as agreed upon beforehand and make sure that you and your guests will have a great time! Once he’s done he usually puts on some background music (or coordinates with the venue so that they will play background music) while he either moves on to the next service or removes his gear after his performance.

Enjoy your big day!

International musicians in Italy!

We travel everywhere in Italy

Including islands and less accessible areas in Venice etc.

We love to entertain

In native English, Italian, German and even Spanish and French!



English: (+39) 366 290-6691 | German, Italian: (+39) 328 217-6047


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