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1. Entertaining
We are professional musicians with a huge repertoire of over 100 songs – but we’re not only a solid act – we are 100% entertainers! With additional experience in theater and TV we know how to entertain a crowd! On top of the music, we love to interact with your guests, and get them to sing, dance and party on with us. With The Waistcoats you get a real character band! We love entertaining you!

The right band for your special day!

2. Languages
We speak five languages. Ja, c’est veramente true! Who said “international”? We know it can be really hard to find a good, international band abroad for your destination wedding in Italy. But hey, glad you found us!

3. Fast, stress-free
We’re proud of our 24/7 customer service. We host several showcases so you can get to know us personally but if you can’t make it, we’re also always available for a meeting or a skype video call before the wedding.

4. Flexible
We’re a super-flexible band. Our modular setup allows to offer the right entertainment package for every circumstance. From an acoustic two-piece, to a full-blown six-piece powerhouse. You also want us to play an acoustic set for your aperitifs? Need a piano player for your ceremony? Want us to DJ after our gig to keep the party going? Just ask, we offer solutions!

5. Affordable
No matter which package you choose, you will always get more for your bucks. Each musician plays several instruments, which adds an extra layer to our rich performance. We’re always available to help, from the beginning to end. If you, your wedding planner or your venue have any unexpected technical problems , or your cousin would like to use a guitar for a little surprise moment – we are more than happy to help and to ensure that everything runs smoothly!

6. Mobile
During peak season we’re always on the road. Which means we have optimized transfers to the max, with a vast network of accommodations and service providers we use every year. This helps us optimize costs for our customers, but also ensures that there is always a plan , C) and D) to make sure we’re always on time – no matter what.

On the Road!

7. Versatile
Inspector Gadget would be jealous. Our gear is like a swiss army knife – ready for every unexpected event. Your WiFi microphone stops working? Use ours! Need to plug in your iPad? We have the right adapter. We make sure that no matter what challenges you run into on your big day – we smoothly take care of it without you even noticing.

8. Transparent
With us you always know what you get. From the moment you contact us via our Contact Form or ask questions on our live chat, we will communicate any quotes in a simple, open and transparent way. There are no hidden fees or surprises. With us you’re in good hands!

Getting married in Italy - Wedding Band
With this international Wedding Band – The Waistcoats – you’re in good hands!

9. Human
We are real humans. We treat every wedding as if it were our own. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach we really go above and beyond to give every single wedding an individual touch.


10. Passionate
We really love what we do. And we want to make sure that your big day will be a most memorable one.

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We’ve won an award!

We’ve won an award!

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Superstition Promo

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