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In this article we will explain, how you can easily request your SIAE permit online, without the need to visit one of the SIAE offices in Italy or delegate somebody else, or even pay an agency to do it. It might seem complicated, but it isn’t after all. In fact, you can get everything done in less than 15 Minutes.

To make things easier, we’ve created two videos, each of them focuses on a different step in the process.

  1. In the first video we show you how you can sign up to the SIAE online platform (for free).
  2. In the second video we show you, how you can request the SIAE permit online, how you can pay and how to send the music program to the musician or DJ that is going to perform at your event.

We’ve also created a dedicated article in our Knowledge Base, with some additional information about the SIAE permit.

Here we go:

1. How to sign up to the SIAE online platform (for free)

2. How to request the SIAE permit online