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A picture says more than a thousand words. So does music.

A sweet surprise for her or him
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A Serenade is a gift from the heart

Music is a language that goes right to the heart. No matter whether intended as a special surprise for Valentine’s Day, or for any other occasion – the serenade (from the Italian “serenata“) is a great way to create an unforgettable memory!

We can assist you with background music while you sing yourself, but if you are not the singing kind, don’t worry! We will sing and play acoustically under your loved one’s balcony, surprise them after they return home from work or play fine tunes as you open them the door for a dinner rendez-vous!

How does it work?
Typically after you selected a few of the songs that you like us to perform we will gather at the destination at the date and time we agreed on. Depending on what has been agreed on, we will wait for your sign or start performing at a specific time.

How long is the performance?
For outdoor performanes we recommend a performance no longer than 5-10 Minutes, which seems to be the perfect time for any type serenade.
For indoor performances we also recommend to keep it short if you’re simply “sending a message”, but we can also perform over the course of the dinner or for a set amount of time, which you can choose.

Will the music be amplified?
No, our serenades are exclusively performed acoustically, which allows us to move, but also keep volume at a reasonable level as your neighbors might not share the same passion of music as you do.

Can you also do different music styles?
Sure thing, in fact we can perform anything from Dean-Martin-esque songs to Mumford and Son-style folk to Leonard Cohen, even Rock and Pop performed acoustically. After all, we’re a multi-genre band.

Do you perform with the full band?
Yes, but it can also be arranged that we perform just as a duo or trio. It’s really up to your preferences.

I have more questions!
And we’re more than happy to answer them. Contact us directly here: [email protected]


It's classy. And it's totally romantic. A serenade with The Waistcoats!

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