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Rain in an outdoor setting

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Rain in an outdoor setting

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While Italy usually features good weather, it can rain sometimes. Having a plan B setting is always helpful.

While we won’t be able to play under the pouring rain (as sensitive equipment can be pretty expensive, but most important rain + electric cables are a potentially life-threatening combination), we want to make sure that even if the weather doesn’t play along, you can still have a beautiful and entertaining wedding day.

Please consider:

  • Set aside space for the band that is neither directly exposed to sun nor rain. That way, if there is a brief rain shower, the band will be able to continue their performance.
  • Consider that setting up, dismantelling and setting up again in a new location can take a lot of time, especially if you have booked a full band (that’s why we arrive early to set up!). If there is a chance of rain, consider using the indoor option right away.
  • Have outdoor power plugs that can be easily protected from potential rain
  • If you have a mixed setting (indoor/outdoor), try to determin if all the guests would fit into the indoor setting in case of bad weather
  • Try decorating the indoor setting in a modular way that can be easily moved and removed in case more space is needed