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Noise restrictions

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Noise restrictions

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Please note that some venues will restrict noise levels, sometimes simply because it’s their policy, sometimes because they are required to do so by law or because there are other guests who might be disturbed by the music.

What will be the implications of noise restrictions?

This depends on the policies of the venue and on how they choose to handle with noise restrictions:

  • Some venues will require that all instruments will be connected to their in-house PA system, thus giving them the complete control over the final audio volume.
  • Some venues have in-house noise limiters that automatically cut off power when a certain audio volume has been exceeded.
  • Some venues have no technical possibility to deal with the sound but will be quick to remind you that the audio volume has exceeded a certain limit.

All this doesn’t have to mean that there can’t be still a great party. It is important though to include us in the organisational process as early as possible so that first of all we will be able to propose a setup that suits these limitations (e.g. bringing a horn section to a noise-restricted venue would be pointless, acoustic solutions might be more suited), by adapting our choice of equipment to that venue (e.g. bringin an electronic which can be controlled through the mixer) etc.

We will always bring our Decibel Sound Level Meter, allowing us to test the sound peek during our sound check and thus making sure that all the specs and requirements of the venue are met.

That way we can focus on what we do best. Entertain you and your guests!