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I’m not receiving any responses from you

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Hi there! That doesn’t sound like us! If you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours there are usually two causes:

  • Your request has never reached us. If you used any of our web forms then you should have seen an information box, confirming that your email has been sent. If you have not seen that box, there might have been a temporary internet or server problem, preventing your inquiry to be correctly sent to us.
  • We have replied, but our response ended up in your or your service providers spam filter. While we have set up our emailing system to the highest standards in terms of deliverability, unfortunately some mail filters are very aggressive in blocking senders that are unknown to them, especially if you are using your company email.

If you believe that an email server or agressive spam filter is preventing our communication by email, you have the following additional channels to get in touch with us: