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I have a few songs that I didn’t find on your playlist. Can I also add my own songs?

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Yes, you can request a few of your own songs if you send us your requests at least 2-3 months before wedding high season starts (which, for us, is around April/May).

For example if you have a special song for your first dance, we will learn this song for you!

We are already offering a vast amount of songs in our repertory, but if you don’t find a few songs send them over and we’ll be glad to learn something new!

It is good practice to divide your wish list into “must have” and “nice to have”. We will make sure that we learn the new “must have” songs and if possible, also add in a few “nice to have” songs (please note that during high season we will be playing concerts most of the time, which will allow limited time for rehearsing new songs – therefore please send us any new song requests ahead of time.


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