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Ceremony music

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Ceremony music

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The Waistcoats can offer various solutions for your indoor or outdoor ceremony.

Our classically trained piano player will be able to perform with his electronic piano in many locations.

Please note that usually it is not allowed to use any church organ, which often can only be used by the in-house organ player. Luckily it usually isn’t a problem to use our electronic piano but please make sure to check back with your priest/wedding planner first.

There are a few other things that should be clarified before the ceremony:

  • Does the priest allow non-religious songs or only classical compositions on religious basis? (for religious ceremonies)
  • Will there be power sockets available in the church or outdoors?
  • Is there a plan B location in case of rain? (If the ceremony is set outdoors)
  • Do you have a clear schedule that the wedding musician can use for his cues (printed or sent to us by email beforehand)?
  • Have you communicated the music schedule to the priest?
Please note that, although it is possible to plan everything ahead, some priests/celebrants might forget, shorten or skip certain moments intended for the music. Our musicians will do their best to follow the planned schedule, but will use experience and common sense during the ceremony – so if the priest/celebrant will cut them short they will fade out the song accordingly or if the priest/celebrant instead adds an unplanned musical moment the musician will be able to fill out those moments as well.

If you have any particular wishes that are not part of our standard setup (e.g. violin player, harp player), we will propose trusted musicians from our wedding network (depending on availability) or trusted external vendors who might be able to help.