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Arrival time

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Arrival time

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The arrival time usually depends on the music packages you have booked, the location and the restraints of the location.

For example, when travelling to an island such as Sicily or abroad by airplane, we will arrive the day before the event. This will give us and you peace of mind, enough time to prepare and makes sure we’ll all get some rest after a long journey before performing.

For locations that are nearby or don’t require too much travel, we usually will be on location at least two hours before our first performance (ceremony, aperitifs, main reception) or before any of our services start (WiFi microphones for speeches, background music etc.).

If there are any particular constraints (e.g. the guests are not allowed to see us set up), we will plan our arrival accordingly.

We also always considering time for stops along the road, unforseen situations, traffic jams etc. when travelling by van or car, as well as the time for check-in if we stay in an accomodation nearby, so we always leave our headquarters in a timely manner and always arrive on time.