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Access by boat

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Access by boat

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Venice is a beautiful place to get married! From a logistic point of view there are a few things that you should consider.

  1. Is your wedding location on one of the main islands (connected by road) or is it EXCLUSIVELY accessible by boat?
  2. Are ceremony and main reception in different locations?
  3. Is your wedding planner providing a boat rental company?
  4. Consider that it is not allowed to transport any equipment/instruments on the normal public transport boats, instead a specialized transport company must be hired.
  5. Consider that many antique palaces have noise restrictions. When booking a band you might want to consider acoustic options to stay within the requirements of the venue. Also take a look at the knowledge base article regarding noise restrictions.
  6. Consider that depending on the time of the year there might be stricter rules concerning noise and possible curfews. Please clarify this with your venue/wedding planner.

Luckily we have performed in Venice many times, so we are used to travelling on boats and playing in noise-restricted locations – so that in the end we can focus on what we love to do best. Entertain you and your guests!