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Italy is a beautiful country, but when it comes to your wedding sometimes it can be daunting to research and sift through all the hidden and beautiful locations this country has to offer. We have collected a few for you, to give you some inspiration for your big day!

  1. Vincigliata Castle – this medieval castle in Fiesole, Tuscany is from the 13th century and once belonged to the Visdomini family. Today it has its own vineyard and offers a great view of the valley below. It was used as a venue for BBC One’s MasterChef programme and even Brian McFadden got married here!
    Castello Vincigliata

  2. Borgo di Tragliata – the antique village of Tragliata dates back to the Etruscan era, and sports two picturesque churches, beautiful rooms and flats, a restaurant, swimming pools and everything you could wish for for your wedding celebrations.
    Borgo di Tragliata

  3. Byblos Art Hotel –  if you really want to experience luxury and art at their finest, try Byblos Art Hotel. This hotel is not only popular with the AC Milan football team, it is also full of contemporary art. Located in Verona, this 5-Star hotel will leave you speechless!
    Byblos Art Hotel

  4. The Fattoria Mansi Bernardini is for those who want an authentic Tuscan experience. Light, sunny, la dolce vita! Located in Lucca, this agriturismo produces their own olive oil and other delicious foods!

  5. Poggio Cennina – this beautiful venue in the countryside of Tuscany is your perfect wedding location for a real, mediterranean wedding. It is great if you like it more private, but still want access to a swimming pool and great food.

  6. Villa Grazioli –  this villa in Frascati was built at the end of the 16th century and contains very important works by well-known painters such as Agostino Ciampelli, Giovanni Paolo Pannini and Antonio Carracci. The art, together with its great location overlooking the valley, make it a romantic and unforgettable wedding destination.
    Villa Grazioli

  7. Castelbrando – this castle with a very eventful history was built in the Roman age and, after an extensive restoration, now houses a 4-star hotel, a museum and a theatre.

These are just a few of the many different wedding locations in Italy that you can get married in! But we hope we gave you some good ideas about what a wedding location can look like to make your day an unforgettable one!